Brokerage Services

Subscribers may directly receive EC500 trade alerts on their devices and place orders on their own. However for some subscribers it may be better to have EC500 LLC connect with their online brokerage service to implement the trades.

The EC500 strategy requires trades to be made within a 10-minute time frame. Sometimes it may be inconvenient to make a trade, or one is without connectivity. The smallest trade an individual can make on a stock exchange is one share; for smaller investments the EC500 advantage could be nullified through rounding. Weigh the options and consider whether you want to trade on your own or automate your EC500 subscription.

Automated trading systems use software that is linked to a direct-access broker service. Direct-access brokerage services enable Buy and Sell orders to be placed very quickly.

EC500 is a brand new newsletter. We are pleased to have established the following brokerage service and plan to add additional brokerage services in the future. Please read all materials from the brokerage services and note that Earning Curve, LLC is not directly affiliated and does not guarantee their services. We are pleased that these brokerage service companies offer service to our subscribers, but as in any contract, read and fully understand their offering. If your brokerage service is not listed, and you would like us to address them, please Contact Us.

eOption    A division of Regal Securities, Inc. Activate EC500 Autotrading - eOption
Activate EC500
Autotrading - eOption

Halifax America Halifax America is a low-cost, high-tech financial brokerage access to stock, options, futures, and foreign exchange. We specialize in providing newsletter execution services, algorithmic trading systems, multiple trading platforms and broker assisted trading. Activate EC500 Autotrading - Halifax
Activate EC500
Autotrading - Halifax