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Our company, Earning Curve, LLC, owns a proprietary investment strategy named EC500. "EC" stands for "Earning Curve", and "500" refers to the 500 large companies that have common stock listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ.

The EC500 Formula signals when to buy and sell ETFs to optimize investments results. The EC500 computing platform can securely communicate between direct-access brokerage services and an investor's investments to implement the strategy in real time. The EC500 Strategy provides diversification through S&P 500 ETFs; it does not use individual company stocks.


We value your trust and investment. We believe that with passion and drive one can improve their fortunes. Our passion is discovering and profiting from trending. We are driven to earn respect and trust as one of the best financial newsletters in the world.

Our Story

The EC500 Formula was developed by an individual private investor from the Northeast. His goal was to discover a slight advantage to better his own family's investments. Several hypotheses were embodied in mathematical formulas and backtested . Several hypotheses were unsuccessful and dismissed, but in 2012 one showed more than just a slight advantage; it exhibited exceptional promise. It took several more months to hone the algorithm and experiment with parameters, and an additional year of fine-tuning to optimize the performance for short, medium and long durations.

The developer grew up in a blue-collar town that values hard work and savings. Fortunately his father was successful in the market and taught him about investing. His dad bought the boy's first stocks for him with his morning paper route money. Growing up he learned the effects of compound interest over time and the importance of diversification. As a young adult, he learned complex math and statistics, while earning an engineering degree and an MBA.

In 2014 the investor began managing his own investments, according to the buy and sell signals of the EC500 Algorithm. At times he was too busy and missed a sell or buy opportunity, because the investor could not always be by his computer to make the transaction if the EC500 Formula triggered a sell. However, the formula still proved beneficial. Keep in mind that the vast majority of investment professionals do not beat the market indices. EC500 backtesting does what some say is impossible - beating the market!

The inventor of EC500 had an entrepreneurial spirit. While working in corporate America, he always dreamed of running his own successful business. The timing was right, and his desire grew to earn a fair profit by sharing EC500 through a financial newsletter.

In the spring of 2015, he was visiting Austin, Texas, on a holiday. He looked up a past business associate who lived and worked in Silicon Hill. His associate was an experienced entrepreneur with similar interests in innovation, automation and technology. His colleague had extensive experience in automating and digitizing complex operations and transactions on a large scale. The two friends made plans to grab some barbecue one evening. Over dinner, the two gentlemen conversed about starting a business together. They shared a great rapport and complemented each other's skills perfectly. It did not take long before Earning Curve, LLC was formed in August 2015. The company then engaged with a top financial consulting firm, with broker expertise and a wealth of industry experience. The formula, technology, and industry expertise fused together to bring EC500, the best online financial newsletter service, to the public. This is the story of how Earning Curve, LLC began. We are proud of our new company and welcome you to learn more about the EC500 newsletter service.

Earning Curve
Earning Curve, LLC was founded in August 2015.

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Try it for free, and if you are not completely satisfied, then you pay nothing. We are so confident in our system that we are giving it away at no charge. This is a limited offer as part of the initial market launch. We are willing to bet the market that you will continue using our service and be happy to pay later. No type of payment or money is required now. There will be a posting on EC500 and an email notification when the trial nears its close. At that point, you may either opt out or pay the $330 annual subscription fee.

Pay nothing now. No payment required for free trial.
Pay nothing now. No payment required for free trial.